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How to Add a Simple Facebook Like Box in Blogger?

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facebook-like-boxFacebook is one of the most popular social media networks where people share everything in their free time. So it has become very important for bloggers and SEO’s. You know if you have a decent amount of Facebook likes for your blog or website then you may get extra advantages of it. But mostly in Blogger we don’t have all things installed from starting. We do many things by ourselves for our blogger blogs. So if you want to increase your Facebook likes and reputation on social media then you must add Facebook like box to your blog. We will show you example how to add a simple Facebook like box to your blog very quickly. This is just a simple step, in future, I would show you how to design your Facebook like box and how to create a shining one. So for today, lets start embedding a simple like box from Facebook.

How to Embed Facebook Like box to Blog?

Before adding a Facebook like box we must have a fan page for our blog or website on Facebook, so if you don’t have one then create a new page for your blog which can easily be created and for embedding like box of that page to your blog, just follow below steps:

  • Go to your Facebook Account
  • Go to the page you’ve created for your blog, it appears at left sidebar
  • See below image for example

facebook-like-box (1)

  • In above picture you can see I have many pages on facebook, so if I want to embed like box of any page then I must click on that page. So in this tutorial I will click on Best Bloggers Cafe’s link you can see in above image. When you click the page link, you will be redirected to your page. Here is the example picture:



Now you are on the page that you have for your blog, so on the top of the page you can see a button [Edit page] and you have to click on that, from the drop down click on Update info and on the next page click on the resources link at left side. See example image below:



After clicking the resources you will have another page where you can see a lot of resources from Facebook, You just click on the [Use Social Plugins] after clicking the Use Social Plugins you will find a page where you can use all the plugins for your blog. There are many plugins i.e Like Box, Like Buttons, Recommendation box, comment box etc. So you need to click on like box. Also see the image below:



In above picture you can see the like box, so you just click on that and you’ll find a new page where you can customize your like box a little bit, see below image for example:



When you reach a page like above image, the like box is shown by default as a platform page, so you need to change it to your own page URL as indicated with read zone, also the other important settings you can make for your like box such as the width, border color, color, show streaming, header etc. So you can do these customization according to your needs and after finalizing your setting click the Get Code button. Now you will see a pop up box like below picture:



In above box there are four options to embed this like box to your blogger blog or any website, for blogger blogs you can easily embed this like box with the IFRAME method. So just click the IFRAME and copy the code with CTRL+C or right click and copy. Now we will insert this code into our blog.

How to insert the embedded code into blog?

  1. Go to Blogger >> Layout >> Add a Gadget and select the Gadget of HTML/JavaScript
  2. Now paste the code you earlier copied from Facebook
  3. Save and You are done, just view your blog and see the like box.
Mostly people use the like box at sidebar in blogger, but you can use it anywhere you want.

By doing all steps correctly you will be succeeding in embedding a Facebook like box to your blogger blog same like as we have on our blog.

Take a lot of Care of your family and loved ones and best wishes for your bright future. Comments are answered as soon as time allows.

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