How Keywords Work in SEO?

By | January 4, 2014

Understanding How Keywords Work in Search Engine Optimization?

how keywords works in seoI have talk peoples about SEO, i learned that there can be some confusion on exactly how a keyword works with Search Engine Optimization. Therefore before we actually start into the process of Keyword Research. It will help to first build a strong foundation of how keywords are essential to SEO.

What is a Keyword:

Lets dive in look exactly what a keyword is! A keyword can just be a word, it can also be a descriptive phrase used to describe what you are searching for. To help illustrate this lets say we are in Pens Business.

Base Keywords:

Consider we have an website that sells an arrangements of Pens. We abviously want to rank on when people are going to type into the search box in order to find our product. Some words we might come up with are:
  • Pens
  • Marker
  • Highlighter etc..

These types of words represents the root of a keyword and often called Base Keywords.

Modifier Keywords:

Having a base keyword does not tell us much, What the search user is looking for?. By adding more information to the keyword we quickly understand more, What is being searched for?. This sort of words which provides additional insights are commonly known as Modifiers. Modifiers further develop and clarify the meanings of a keyword. Lets take some examples for top modifier of above Base Keywords.
  • Ball Point
  • Permanent Marker
  • Liquid Highlighter

Extender Keywords:

Understanding the intent of search is actually quite value able to anyone doing SEO and Modifier play an big role doing this. Adding Additional action words or additive to a keyword base and modifiers can further enhance the keyword meaning and it often called Keywords Extender. It helps understanding the purpose of the keywords. Here’s some examples:
  • Blue Ball Points
  • Black Permanent Markers
  • Green Liquid Highlighters
Its important to know that search engines don’t need the base, modifiers and extenders into be an order. You can mix up their order without concern their mixing up the search engines. you can see this is a case with “Black Permanent Markers” the user could have easily use the keyword “Permanent Marker in Black” and the search engine would have understood the query in the same manner. Now that you understand Base, Modifier and Extender Keywords. Now Its important to understand the difficulty of ranking these keywords in the Search Engines. I will share my views with you in next posts Stay Tuned :).

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