How do you want to publish your video in youtube

How do you want to publish your video in youtube
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You may have some funny and exclusive video, you want to upload it in youtube. Yes you can do, just you have to create youtube account thats enough to post your video and also you can have a option to edit your videos.

First you need to login with your gmail account in youtube, then only you will have a upload option in top right next to search box.

Click on it, then you will redirect to upload page. Select file to upload there, so your video will upload .



Once your video upload completes then you can see one video visibility option in right side bar, so you can set your video to publicly available or private or you can set it as unpublish. In left side bar you will have a link for your video in youtube. In bottom of the page you will have a list of thumbnails to have a preview thumbnail when your video listed in public. So have it better thumbnail this only impress to user select the video to see. And also you can have a translations options to translate your videos content and one more options are “advanced settings” .


When you choose an advaced settings option you can see the below option , so you can choose your video category. If you want to enable comments for your video you can enable the comment settings this one enabled default the checkbox will be selected default. You can have more option to publish your video. One more option called 3D , if you enabled then your video will be see it as three dimensional view. Then you can see Video Manager button in bottom of the screens so that you can edit/trim your video. So you can do some operations like trim/edit your video.


If you need to edit your videos or else if you want add audio track means no need to have a separate tool and also no need to have audio. Youtube provide here itself the editor tool to edit your videos and provides list of superb and cool audios.

Video Manager have 1. Basic Info Settings 2. Enhancements 3. Audio 4. Cards 5. Subtitles options. You can specify basic information in the first option. When you click a second option you can see below option.


So you can change the video lightings , color settings you can change the video slow motion also. Filters you will get list of predefined filters when you choose that the filter will be apply to your video.Blurring effects will apply blur effects to your video.

In top you can choose audio option to add audio track for your video, so youtube listed some cool audios there from there you can choose any of the audio track and also you have subtitle option to add subtitle for your video track so that user can understand clearly if someone have audio problems.

Now videos are ready to publish with editing. Publish it, so you will get an youtube url, with that you can share across your social sites in a relevant areas so that targeted audience will see your videos and you can have a genuine audience group. Now your video is ready and published . Cheer up ..!!

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