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By | May 18, 2016

Sometimes system fails to read data from hard disk and we are left helpless. Due to a problem in hard disk, system is even unable to boot. Then, what can be done in the situation? The solution is to test the hard disk for any problems. This can be done even at home with some of these free hard disk testing tools.


1. Seagate Sea Tools :

This tool is available from the hard disk manufacturer major brand Seagate and Maxtor but works on all types of hard disks irrespective of brand. This hard disk testing tool comes in two forms:
a. Seagate Sea Tool DOS version : It can be used to test Seagate and Maxtor drives and is available in portable form in CD or USB flash drive i.e. it does not require installation. No operating system is required to test.

b. Seagate Sea Tool Windows version :

It is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It requires installation on windows platform but can test any hard disk of any brand both internal and external.
2. HDD Scan : It is also one of the excellent free hard disk testing tool supporting almost all versions of windows. It is also able to test almost all brands of hard disk. The tool has a built in functionality for Smart test and Surface test as per requirement.

3. G Smart Control :

The tool is capable to run extensive hard disk testing including power cycle counting, calibration retry counting, different zonal error counting etc. to fully assess the hard disk health status. G Smart Control has three levels of testing:
a. Short self test : It finishes in just 2 minutes and runs a quick check for any big faults in hard disk.
b. Conveyance self test : It takes around 5 minutes to finish and checks for the physical damage occurred during conveyancing.
c. Extended (full) self test : It is for an extensive and complete checking of hard disk faults and takes around one to one and half hours to finish.

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