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By | May 9, 2016

A document password removing software is a tool that recovers the lost or forgot word document opening password or just removes the password from doc file and unlocks it. Sometimes, we secure our documents for hiding it from others and unauthorized usages as it may contain many confidential information but what will happen when we forget our own passwords? Suppose, we are not able to memorize it, then how to access our own documents? Yes, it is possible. There are many word document password removing tools that are available free of cost on the net. Some of them are:-

1. Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard :

The software can be downloaded from This password recovery tool actually recovers the lost password instead of removing. This software is capable of only recovering the word document open password and cannot recover the word document edit restricting password. Free word and excel password recovery wizard uses the most advanced brute force technology. It can also use an available dictionary to do dictionary attack. The software is capable to recover a maximum of 8 characters long password.

2. Crack It :

The software download link is hosted at The software is also another best free document password recovery tool. The software works on windows versions up to 7. Just put a hint in the recovery option for fast cracking.

3. Gua Word :

This word password recovery tool is hosted on Gua word is a short form of Guaranteed Word Decryptor. The tool originally decrypts the encrypted document instead of cracking the document with so many combinations of characters. Gua word can decrypt passwords upto 40 bits but it takes too much time. In some cases, it can take more than a week.

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