Download Complete Source Code For PHP CMS & Website

Hi all of you guys, few months back I shared a video tutorials series on “Complete CMS and Website in PHP“, many of you guys liked that series and sent me some great feedback. Moreover, many of you requested for the source code of that project we earlier created and I sent the source code to many of you as well. Now I thought to share that source code with you guys for free. So in this post I’ll be talking once again about the same CMS that we earlier created in PHP, but this time you’ll have The “commenting system” included in the source code that I’m going to share on this page for free. While, in the tutorials I didn’t get time to include the “Commenting system” part. However, I’ll try to make the tutorials for the commenting system as soon as I get some free time. But for now enjoy the complete source code of that project.

Here is how the front end website displays in the browser:

This is completely a dynamic website only created by using PHP and MySQL along with a very good Admin panel in back end.

Here is the Admin Login Page:

By putting a “Password” and “User Name” the Admin will login into the admin panel by passing this page.

Here is the Admin Panel home:

This is your simple and cool Admin panel for this project and you can do many tasks over here for your dynamic website such as viewing posts, editing posts, deleting posts and updating posts. Also you may insert new posts and view comments, delete comments and Edit comments if you want.

Here is the Insert New Post in the Admin Panel:

Very simple and clean interface for the admin of this content management system.

Here is the posts viewing page:

In this page you can see the “Edit” and “Delete” links next to each post, after clicking the “Edit” link you’ll be redirected to the “Update Post” page where you’ll easily update your post along with changing the post picture.

Here is the comments view page:

This page is all about managing comments for this CMS which are posted by the users on the main website, whenever a user will post a comment, that comment will first come to the Admin panel where you can approve the comment if you like the comment. You may also un-approve any comment you wish. Comments can also be deleted from this page.

So the above are some screenshots of this simple CMS and website in PHP and now you can download this CMS source code for free by following below link:

After downloading the source code, kindly extract the ZIP file and copy them all to your “htdocs” folder in the XXAMP/WAMP directory, after that there is a MySQL Database Backup called “Malala.sql” which you’ll have to import into your own database in your PHPMyAdmin.

Just create a database with the same name “Malala” and import our “malala.sql” file, so all of the tables will be imported to your database and you’ll see the website and CMS live.

Enjoy it and give us your precious feedback in the comment section. Also don’t forget to visit this blog for upcoming PHP projects and some really cool courses coming in DVDs or in downloadable links for you which will be paid courses in PHP and MySQL.

Thanks for being with us.