Creating Complete CSS3 & HTML5 Website Layout

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It was really difficult to create a website template or Layout only by using HTML and CSS. But now the time has changed and you’ve now great resources to create a complete fancy website by only using CSS3 and new HTML 5.0. So here I’m going to present video tutorials in which I’ve created a very simple and beautiful website design by using above mentioned web languages, so I hope you’d love the design I’ve created for you. And the video tutorials in English will practically show you that how I created this.

The Example Image
website-layout in css
You can watch below video tutorials to learn creating a simple website template in HTML5 and CSS3 and after watching the videos, you should also download the complete source code and the files below the videos, those files and source code is exactly the same which were used during these tutorials.
Video Tutorial 1
Video Tutorial 2
Having watched above video tutorials, I hopefully can say that you’ve understood the basic structure of a website layout in CSS and HTML, however, you can make it more fancy by adding more pictures and CSS3 properties. I’ll also continue my struggles and will publish more layouts with you in the future. Now just download the source code and files for this layout below and enjoy:

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