Complete Website & CMS with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL

Complete Website & CMS with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL
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Hi PHP lovers, here is a great news for all of you, I’ve just completed the Advance Website & CMS project along with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL which is having many applications and features such as a commenting system for the website in PHP, a custom search engine for the same website in PHP, dynamic images on the website, read more links, Recent Posts widget, Post Editor for updating the website, Advance & Secure Admin Panel for multiple admins, Login systems, logout systems and many things more. I’ve created more than 30 video tutorials for this project, and all you’ll learn it by watching my video tutorials. Also I’ve uploaded this project to a live running website, and that’s taught in the tutorials in last. This project is something I was really hard working on, because I know there are many guys who want to learn PHP with some projects which are easily explained.I’ll also be sharing the source codes of this project for free downloading. You’ll love this project and will learn many things for free.

Learn Complete Website & CMS in PHP

This is all what you need to create a complete dynamic website using PHP & MySQL along with an Admin Panel and Content Management System (CMS). And the amazing thing is; you’ll learn all these things by watching simple video tutorials created by me. I’ve tried to include each feature which is necessary for a dynamic website, however, if I felt something is still missing then I’d be happy to include that in my future projects. Now here is the video tutorials to be watched and learn something amazing.
Before Starting learning this advance Project You can also learn following projects in PHP: 

Note: this is not a single video, but a playlist of videos, so you can just play one video and when it is finished the another one automatically starts. Enjoy….

The source code which was used in this project will be soon available on this page for free downloading, but I’ll make a little bit changes on that.
Also keep visiting this blog, because I’ll publish more advance PHP & MySQL tutorials on this blog, my coming projects are: creating a classified site in PHP, creating an E-commerce site in PHP and then creating a social network in PHP.
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