Complete Website & CMS with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL

By | March 17, 2015
Hi PHP lovers, here is a great news for all of you, I’ve just completed the Advance Website & CMS project along with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL which is having many applications and features such as a commenting system for the website in PHP, a custom search engine for the same website in PHP, dynamic images on the website, read more links, Recent Posts widget, Post Editor for updating the website, Advance & Secure Admin Panel for multiple admins, Login systems, logout systems and many things more. I’ve created more than 30 video tutorials for this project, and all you’ll learn it by watching my video tutorials. Also I’ve uploaded this project to a live running website, and that’s taught in the tutorials in last. This project is something I was really hard working on, because I know there are many guys who want to learn PHP with some projects which are easily explained.I’ll also be sharing the source codes of this project for free downloading. You’ll love this project and will learn many things for free.

Learn Complete Website & CMS in PHP

This is all what you need to create a complete dynamic website using PHP & MySQL along with an Admin Panel and Content Management System (CMS). And the amazing thing is; you’ll learn all these things by watching simple video tutorials created by me. I’ve tried to include each feature which is necessary for a dynamic website, however, if I felt something is still missing then I’d be happy to include that in my future projects. Now here is the video tutorials to be watched and learn something amazing.
Before Starting learning this advance Project You can also learn following projects in PHP: 

Note: this is not a single video, but a playlist of videos, so you can just play one video and when it is finished the another one automatically starts. Enjoy….

The source code which was used in this project will be soon available on this page for free downloading, but I’ll make a little bit changes on that.
Also keep visiting this blog, because I’ll publish more advance PHP & MySQL tutorials on this blog, my coming projects are: creating a classified site in PHP, creating an E-commerce site in PHP and then creating a social network in PHP.
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101 thoughts on “Complete Website & CMS with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL

  1. momina khan

    i need to know about addin pdf links in cms e.g when a user seacrh something and got the search results there should be a pdf link with every result

    1. paul smith

      this is the error i got someone should help me Undefined index: image in C:\xampp\htdocs\malala\admin\insert_post.php on line 57

  2. Amal Krishna

    I completed this tutorial…….
    Thanks bro. for uploading this super tutorials..
    Please upload the source code also…

  3. Wali Khan

    @Amal Krishna,
    Brother there are few more tutorials are to be uploaded to complete this project such as the commenting system, the email sending & auto responding system and uploading this website to online web server. So when the remaining parts are uploaded then I will share the source code on this page. Stay tuned.

  4. Seema

    i have been trying to get the content of Read More link on pages.php . but the content from the content page is not showing on pages.php.Dont know where i am going wrong.Pages.php shows only header footer, sidebar…please help.

  5. Seema

    Okay, Finally i got the READ MORE but still working on the main heading link.
    Thanks a lot!!!!

  6. Naveed Khalid

    AOA! sir how are you I am Naveed from Lahore before i say you any thing i am very happy to say that you always provide us Advance work and it will be very useful for us sir i see your new Tutorial on you tube and on i like it very much and thankful to you but sir in part 22 Complete CMS & Website with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL part 22 there is a problem in screen Recording due to which 6 minute video will be damage this is my request for you kindly, give my only this file which name is edit_post.php in which you seek us that how can we update data.
    i wait your reply,
    Naveed Khalid

  7. Pradeep Rajput

    hello sir;
    i’am daily viewer of our blog & you tube channel. i request for u that make any multi-language php web page or other simple multi-language page. pls pls pls pls….
    Exam: hindi webpage or urdu webpage etc.
    pls send any information/code my email-id :

  8. Wali Khan

    You are welcome sister.

    W/salam, brother kindly send me an email requesting your issue at, and I’ll send you the file.

    @Pradeep Rajput,
    Ok brother, I’ll try to do my best for you. Regards;

    1. Wali Khan

      Hello Spy,
      first of all tell me why your name is Spy? and then I’ll publish more exciting tutorials on PHP soon.. keep in touch.

  9. Emilio G

    Hello Wali, I hope your having a wonderful day!

    I have been following your tutorials for a while now and this one has been amazing!

    I am wondering if you can make a floowup on how to prevent SQL Injection (SQLi) attacks on these pages since they are EXTREMELY voulnrable!!

    1. Wali Khan

      Yes, I’ll be happy to make some tutorials on preventing SQL Injection attacks. Already have talked about that in this tutorial series of CMS, but will talk more about that in upcoming tutorials. Stay tuned.

  10. simke90

    Hi Wali, I got a problem with your video no 22. Video crashed on 1minuts and 14sec, and continue in 6minuts and 30sec.
    Can you help me, I miss that codde.

    Thank you.

    1. Wali Khan

      You have missed anything, then kindly let me know so I can even send you the source codes by email..

  11. Emilio G

    Sorry about the double – comment, I thought the first one did not go through! Thanks for the quick reply!

  12. Seema

    I am keep on getting an error on edit page…It says
    Notice:Undefined variable: post_title in C:\xampp\htdocs\faris\admin\edit.php on line :40
    I have tried everything but nothing works!.

    I have emailed you the code @ crickteri. please check

    Please let me know, where I am going wrong. its really frustrating…
    checked the connection
    checked spelling
    checked the file name and path…

    Thanks a lot

  13. Seema

    I have emailed you a zip folder. please check Edit file and search file to see which part is creating problem. Thank you so much in advance.

  14. Seema

    Hello again,
    Can you send me video #22 code,Please? because this video has crashed for few min and i missed that part.

  15. Seema

    Hello again,
    I was on video #22 and it crashed in the beginning and missed that please send me the code for that video. Also please help me with Edit code that i have emailed you few days ago, its still giving me the same error(UNDEFINED VARIABLE). it would be great if you can send the the whole code so that i can verify my code with yours.


    1. Wali Khan

      Just send me an email, so I’ll send you the full source code for this project. email me at “”..

  16. Seema

    Hello Again!!!!
    I got both search and edit!!!yehhhhhh…its was such a simple mistake just missed the $ sign before variable. Now please send me video #22 because beginning part is missing…so please email me.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Wali Khan

      I’ll send you the source code for this project, just send me an email at “”.. subject must be the source code for PHP CMS.

    1. Wali Khan

      I already mentioned brother, that kindly send me an email on “” with a subject of “Malala CMS source code” so I’ll happily send you the source code. Hope you got it now.


    Walli bhai ye tutorials uncomplete hen aap iss k remaining parts kab upload kren ge….plxz plxz plxz upload remaining tutorials…

    1. Wali Khan

      Hi Urmila,
      The source code was sent to you successfully, and thanks dear for liking my efforts, I’ll upload the remaining parts of this tutorial soon. Stay Tuned!

  18. himanshu handa

    Sir in this tutorial u not share view comment parts please share that video otherwise great tutorial for me and my friends.

    1. Wali Khan

      Brother, all the remaining parts of this tutorial will be shared after Eid 15th August, Inshallah.. wait a little buddy.

    2. himanshu handa

      Thanks Brother Me and My Friend are Waiting your next Video.Thanks again and Happy Eid You and Your Family and your Friend.

    1. Wali Khan

      Hi Sandeep,
      brother kindly send me an email on “” with a subject of “Malala CMS source code” so I’ll happily send the source code. Be smart!


    Great job! you are inspiring new IT students for development of pakistan.i am also making part of success of pakistani students.I am tutoring graphics designing at my website.I need your CMS source code because here are some problems that i have written according to your videos.I will be waiting for that! God may you live long and happy , smyling all the time!

    Regards Bill Hasan

  20. Wali Khan

    Hey guys,
    If any of you need the source code for this complete CMS and website in PHP then kindly email me at: with a subject like “Malala CMS source Code” and I’ll send you the source code in the email. Thanks

  21. Leo Ibnul

    Sir i will grateful to you if you send me the whole source code in this email – “” ……please send me the source code as soon as possible 🙂

  22. Ramesh

    Hi sir this ramesh, i am new in this field[web designing],
    sir i want some help from about technical doubts,
    can you help me sir?

  23. fazal sattar

    Brother great tutorial!
    brother I was intalled the code which you uploaded for cms.
    some error found when publish the post in admin panal this jumps to login.php again

  24. Muhammad Farhan Khan Rajput

    Brother your video tutorial can’t running or play because Your all tutorial link from YOUTUBE and You know very well youtube block in Pakistan therefore your links are not working. Please solve this issue. Thanks

  25. Arslan Sarwar

    Grreat Effort bhai g… May Allah give u reward for this great hlp of students like me…
    Bhai plz snd me the source code of the project… it will b a great favour 4 me…
    my email id is
    Thanks in Advance…

  26. Mayank Singh

    [20-May-2014 13:30:39 UTC] PHP Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/studentp/public_html/admin/insert_post.php:2) in /home/studentp/public_html/admin/insert_post.php on line 3

    i am facing this problem. so can you please tell me what is that error and how to cure in this project.

  27. fazalahad bajaur agency fata

    that awasome project. i learned how to change picture. it was big proble for mine in the university project. Allah give best life and happy time for ever.thanks for being sharing such a fantastic project….

  28. MANASA



  29. manasa


    can u update code of php on how to fetch live streaming information.


  30. Mikiyas Tadesse

    I am from Ethiopia i really interested in your tutorial please sende me a source code for ” Advance Website & CMS project along with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL ” my emai address is ”

  31. tosin Ibidapo-obe

    i am really grateful for the CMS with Admin Panel video. it really helped me learn some really great stuff. thanks a lot.
    but please u spoke about the contact form on the video with the auto response function but u didnt upload a video for that, is it possible you do that for me? i will so much appreciate that. thanks

  32. Zeeshan Post author

    Please Read All comments before posting Your Questions…. All queries are entertained in above comments…:)

  33. J.satish

    hi,sir i had recently logged in to your website.i had recently started doing academic projects on php.
    the videos are very gud thenk u for providing this videos.
    thanking you,sir.

  34. j.satish

    hI sir ,i am working for academic projects i have some problem in one title .can u plz send the source code for it.the title is Pattern matching algorithm for mail function.

  35. Arif Hussain

    Great job wali khan ..Thanks for sorting problems and for guiding in such a easy method ..Keep it up brother .. 🙂

  36. Karma Tenzin

    Mr Wali your tutorials is very good. It helped me alot but part 22 is crashed so I am left with incomplete knowledge of yours. Would you mind mailing your source code or that video part 22 to me…thank you….


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