Complete PHP+MySQL Video Training with Live Projects

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PHP-mysql-course-onlinePHP stands for HyperText Pre-Processor, which is a popular server side scripting language and I’m one of the fans of PHP myself. I shared a tutorial already for PHP lovers about uploading files/images in this server side scripting language and I wanted to take some time to make a complete video tutorials series of this awesome web development tool. So I’m here with my complete video course of PHP which is having 23 video tutorials right now, but I hopefully can say that I’ll update this course time to time, and my aim is to make 100 video tutorials by 2014. I’ll be adding all PHP related tutorials to this playlist, which I’m gonna share on this page. However, you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for all of my tutorials. Now let’s talk about this complete video course.

Why PHP video training is important?

As you know there are hundreds of websites on the internet who provide PHP training through text articles or by online examples, but I thought the video is 100 times better than a text-based tutorial, therefore, I’ve taken the responsibility and as far as I can, I’d like to present something that is worth watching. And PHP is very important to learn now a days, because this is the most used popular web development language and is free of cost open source .

What will we be learning during this course?

I’ve started the course from an introduction which doesn’t have enough theory, because I like practical work in a programming language, therefore, You’ll just come to know about the tools which we’ll be using to run PHP properly on our local server. However, after few basic classes of Echo command, Local variables, Global Variables, IF & Else statements, Header command, include command, require command and other simple commands, I’ve straight taken you to creating different applications in PHP.

How many applications we’ll be creating in this course?

We’ll be creating applications as many as possible, the first application I’ve taught you in this course is; an online calculator which we’ve simply created by using IF statement in PHP, and after calculator I’ve created an online currency calculator in this course.

And the most important projects of this course are; creating a complete registration form in PHP with admin panel for viewing the users’ data, for deleting the users and for editing the users.

In the future I’ll add more projects to this playlist such as creating a CMS (Content Management System) in PHP along with a website which will be having a separate admin panel, A social network site using PHP with all of great features and also I’ll be creating an eCommerce online shopping center using PHP.

There will be more small projects added to this PHP course in the future.

Now watch all the videos in a playlist below, you just need to click one video and another will be automatically played when the first one is finished, because this is a playlist of videos.

I hope you’d learn something from my tutorials about PHP, however, you have suggestions or questions then kindly drop them in comment section. And also have a great time with this blog.
One favor is needed from you that kindly if you liked this course then share it with others in your circle! Thanks in Advance!

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