Change Older & Newer Links to Beautiful Buttons in Blogger

By | May 24, 2013
By default blogger templates setting is very simple and normal. So, if you want to make your blog more fancy and professional in design then you’ll have to learn many things for doing so by yourself. In blogger blogs, you can see the Older posts and Never posts links below all posts. That has been set by Blogger for default templates. So if you want to change them to some shiny and beautiful buttons like my blog; then you are here to learn the procedure. Steps are very simple and you will make older and never posts like our buttons. Our buttons are black in color, but the buttons I’m sharing here are more fancy.


How to Change Older & Never Links to Buttons in Blogger?

Start the procedure by following below steps:

  • Log-in to Blogger dashboard
  • Go to Template >> Edit HTML >> Jump to Widget >> Blog1
  • Find the id=’nextprev’ and click the arrow at left side to expand the code
  • Now search for below code (tip: use CTRL+F)


Replace it with this code below:

<img src=”Img-Url-for-previous-button”/>

Again search for this code:


Replace it with this one below:

<img src=”Img-url-for-next-button”/>

Once Again search for this code:


The above code may appear twice, so both times replace it with below code:

<img src=”img-url-for-home-button”/>

Now save your template and you’ve done almost all steps 🙂

but do remember to change the img tag URL with your button image URL. You can first download my images at the top of this post or can download similar buttons from the internet. After downloading button images to your PC, create a new post on your blog and upload images to that; make that post as your draft post. So, you can always upload the other images to that post and then can include in different places on your blog. You’ll just have to copy the URL link of that image and paste in place of “Img-url-for-next-button“. That’s all.

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6 thoughts on “Change Older & Newer Links to Beautiful Buttons in Blogger

  1. Sameer

    Wali bro, can u please give me the Devil’s WorkShop template because the link you had given in previous post is of default template and I’m unable to cutomize it. When was on blogger you used that template. Please give me the template as you customized it for OU. Bro, please provide the template. Please gice me customized template.
    e-mail the .xml file

    1. Wali Khan

      actually I don’t have that template which I customized for

      So you will have to customize it yourself. best of luck.


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