How to Fix Common Title Mistakes in Blogging
This is our first post regarding common mistakes which are made in blogging, there will be number of posts in this series of Common Blogging Mistakes. If you want to suggest us to discuss anything else in this series you can Contact US. Words that are used in the title of the post are most… (8 comments)

How to Create an HTML Sitemap in WordPress?
HTML sitemap makes it easier for users as well as Search Engine Bot to find content on your site.There are many plugins to create HTML sitemaps in WordPress. But I will suggest you to create your HTML Sitemap Manually, You can do it with a bit of php code, you can create an HTML sitemap… (4 comments)

How Often Should Publish New Content on Blog?
The most asked question among bloggers, specially among newbies is “HOW OFTEN SHOULD I PUBLISH NEW CONTENT ON MY BLOG?”. Many bloggers will say there is no right answer, and I agree with them to a certain extent. Once you decide to start a blog, you’ll need to set a goal for your blog. If… (2 comments)

How to Choose Blog/Website Name
Select Eye Catching Name For Your Blog/Website: Choosing a Blog name is obviously quite important now days. You can found some really interesting Blog and website names out there in today’s blogosphere. One of the major problems is to finding an appropriate name that is not already taken is the rather difficult part.You should keep in mind… (0 comment)

SEO Effects of Keeping Title Tags Short and Pertinent
How Keeping Title Tags Short and Pertinent is Effective in SEO: The most important factors determining the search engine results position (SERP) is the title tag of your blog/website that’s actually the description that appears on the top of the browser.Many newbie bloggers commit mistake when creating the title tag. The major one is to… (0 comment)

How Keyword Starter List Can Help In SEO?
Benefits of Keywords Starter List in SEO: Keyword Objective can definitely point you in the right direction. But they also can help you to fall into the trap of researching industry terms. Often, What is common lingo in your company? Isn’t what really people search for when trying to find your website. To overcome this pitfall… (5 comments)

Major Blogging Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid
Some Mistakes Which Destroy Your Blogging Career Most of the people especially newbies ask me that they makes enough efforts but they are unable to attract audience towards their blog. Here is simple rule in today’s blogosphere that no traffic means no earning. So   Today I am going to tell you that why some of… (2 comments)

How to Become a Creative Blogger
Become a Creative Blogger to Get Succeed The most common way to share your ideas, knowledge and to make some handsome income is blogging in today’s online world. But many of the newbies bloggers suffer when they actually start writing. They don’t know from where to start and how to turn every single visitor into… (3 comments)

SEO Myths, Misnomers, and Mistakes Part 2
SEO Myths, Misnomers, and Mistakes to Avoid in Your SEO Strategy In the Part 1 of this series I share the mistakes and myths around optimizing code on a website. When it comes to the user visibly seen site optimization. There seems to be abundance of false notions floating around. If you have not go… (5 comments)

Why to Create Inbound Links On Blog?
Importance of Inbound Links in SEO Inbound Links are the king of successful search engine optimization and best way to increase referral traffic to your blog, it helps to improve SEO ,and can be a great public relations win. So, in other words we can say Inbound Links are actually backbone of any SEO campaign.Recommended… (2 comments)