How to Create an HTML Sitemap in WordPress?
HTML sitemap makes it easier for users as well as Search Engine Bot to find content on your site.There are many plugins to create HTML sitemaps in WordPress. But I will suggest you to create your HTML Sitemap Manually, You can do it with a bit of php code, you can create an HTML sitemap… (4 comments)

SEO Effects of Keeping Title Tags Short and Pertinent
How Keeping Title Tags Short and Pertinent is Effective in SEO: The most important factors determining the search engine results position (SERP) is the title tag of your blog/website that’s actually the description that appears on the top of the browser.Many newbie bloggers commit mistake when creating the title tag. The major one is to… (0 comment)

Online security is vital for every WordPress blog these days. The increasing security threats are the major problems with the bloggers and the websites. WordPress is the most exercised blogging platform on the internet and most of the bloggers prefer it for blogging. So it is better to keep the security vigilant on your webpage… (8 comments)

Internet has never been like this as it is today. Some decades ago, one could never think even about using mobile or cellphones, but, today people use it for managing businesses. As the internet users increased over the last few years. But, and more interestingly mobile internet users increased 400% in 2011 which is much more than… (2 comments)

The number of widgets that we have for blogger blogs are also available for WordPress users and WP users can install any widget they want more easily than blogger users, because they have the facility of numerous plugins available in WordPress plugins library. Today throughout this tutorial, I’ll be pointing you to a great plugin… (0 comment)

Plagiarism or infringement is one of the worst thing in today’s blogging world. And copying others content has been the first attempt for many newbie bloggers. New bloggers, actually find everything just like open doors and start copying others’ articles and re-publish on their blogs. But when they come to know that they were doing… (4 comments)