Complete Website & CMS with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL
Hi PHP lovers, here is a great news for all of you, I’ve just completed the Advance Website & CMS project along with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL which is having many applications and features such as a commenting system for the website in PHP, a custom search engine for the same website in… (101 comments)

PHP is a server side scripting language and mostly used for creating dynamic web pages. The live examples of PHP are:,, and many other websites. PHP is an open source free of cost web language which is used by millions of web developers now a days. It simplify your online web projects… (14 comments)

We’ve been publishing PHP video tutorials on this blog and this will be continued, because I myself love writing codes. So I’ve come up with another PHP Tutorial which is about uploading images/photos in PHP. We’ll upload the images to the local server, but the same way is used to upload the images/photos to online… (6 comments)

jQuery is a popular Library of JavaScript, it has simplified using JavaScript in HTML webpages. We recently published complete video tutorials of JavaScript on this blog, and now you need to also have a look at our jQuery tutorials. jQuery is very easy to use and to understand. It is an online library of JavaScript’s… (5 comments)

I love to play with PHP codes and this is one of my favorite activities for last few years. I created this blog for sharing video tutorials with you about web development, web designing and SEO etc. Before this tutorial I published a tutorial on how to create a calculator in PHP, also how to… (9 comments)

This blog’s main aim is to provide you video tutorials on each and every topic posted here. We however, didn’t get time to provide you much tutorials in the past days, but now I hope we’ll be able to provide you tutorials as much as we can. And thus, today I’ve come up with complete… (4 comments)

My last tutorial on this blog was on creating a simple calculator in PHP, and already I’ve shared a complete series of video tutorials about PHP, however, you may have come across different websites on the internet where you see online currency converters. These kind of currency converters may easily be created with PHP, and… (11 comments)

I previously shared my complete PHP video series with you and now I’m going to share a simple online calculator with you which is created using PHP without MySQL. Because you can create any simple application in PHP by simply using IF statements. So I’ve done the same in this tutorial. However, My aim is… (31 comments)

PHP stands for HyperText Pre-Processor, which is a popular server side scripting language and I’m one of the fans of PHP myself. I shared a tutorial already for PHP lovers about uploading files/images in this server side scripting language and I wanted to take some time to make a complete video tutorials series of this… (43 comments)