How to Create an HTML Sitemap in WordPress?
HTML sitemap makes it easier for users as well as Search Engine Bot to find content on your site.There are many plugins to create HTML sitemaps in WordPress. But I will suggest you to create your HTML Sitemap Manually, You can do it with a bit of php code, you can create an HTML sitemap… (4 comments)

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online in 2014
Learn How To Earn Money Online in 2014 So it works out that the web will work for game titles and significantly more than just porn – too you may make money-off it! You may make some easy-money online doing things you’re currently doing, by playing your cards right. Here are a few lifehacks to… (1 comment)

How Often Should Publish New Content on Blog?
The most asked question among bloggers, specially among newbies is “HOW OFTEN SHOULD I PUBLISH NEW CONTENT ON MY BLOG?”. Many bloggers will say there is no right answer, and I agree with them to a certain extent. Once you decide to start a blog, you’ll need to set a goal for your blog. If… (2 comments)

How to Choose Blog/Website Name
Select Eye Catching Name For Your Blog/Website: Choosing a Blog name is obviously quite important now days. You can found some really interesting Blog and website names out there in today’s blogosphere. One of the major problems is to finding an appropriate name that is not already taken is the rather difficult part.You should keep in mind… (0 comment)

Most Important SEO Tips For Blogger Part 2
Must Have SEO Settings for Blogger Blog: In the first part of our series you learnt how to optimize Title, Labels, Headings and comments of your BlogSpot blog. Today you will learn how to optimize archives and how to setup robot.txt file in blogger blog as well as the some tips regarding Meta Description &… (5 comments)

8 Killer SEO Tips For Blogger Blog 2014 Part 1
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How Keyword Starter List Can Help In SEO?
Benefits of Keywords Starter List in SEO: Keyword Objective can definitely point you in the right direction. But they also can help you to fall into the trap of researching industry terms. Often, What is common lingo in your company? Isn’t what really people search for when trying to find your website. To overcome this pitfall… (5 comments)

What is Importance of Keyword Marketing Objectives in SEO?
 Impact of Marketing Objective in SEO! Whenever I decide to launch a new website I sat down and looked at the marketing objective that I want to achieve with this website. One common mistake people make when starting keyword research is that they only considered traffic as the main deciding factor for what keywords to… (9 comments)