Drupal 8 CMS site setup
Drupal Content Management System is a very powerful tool to manage the data like content, audio, video, documents in our website. If the site have more complexity in terms of content manageable people will prefer CMS like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla tools. Prerequisites   Here you can see the steps to install the Drupal site in… (0 comment)

3D Printing Pen – Drawing or Creating 3D Objects
In stone time Human Being used to write and draw images on rocks with some sharp element which may stone or iron. And he used to write the notes about him, animal and society etc. Then it is come to paper. Papers give the revolution in recording all his needs and communicate too. He used… (1 comment)

What is FCIV?
FCIV stands for File Checksum Integrity Verifier. It is a tool that verifies the integrity and checksum of the files. When we download a file, especially those ones which are large sized, during the whole downloading process some errors occur due to network problems and the whole file is not downloaded completely and it lacks… (1 comment)

How to Create an HTML Sitemap in WordPress?
HTML sitemap makes it easier for users as well as Search Engine Bot to find content on your site.There are many plugins to create HTML sitemaps in WordPress. But I will suggest you to create your HTML Sitemap Manually, You can do it with a bit of php code, you can create an HTML sitemap… (4 comments)

How to Create a free Privacy Policy for your Website?
Now a days, Privacy policy is very necessary for websites, because it lets the users know that how you use their personal information while they are visiting your website. In privacy policy a website owner actually states about all the information which is collected from users’ browsers, computers and the cookies which are created during… (3 comments)

We recently shared some tools for testing your website/blog on different mobile devices online. Now after checking your site/blog, you might be interested to create a user-friendly mobile version of your blog with very less efforts. A recent Google report says, Mobile searches have increased  up to 400% in 2011 and it will increase more… (5 comments)

The mobile technology has dramatically improved more than expectations. It is even growing faster than desktop technology. Google has stated that every webmaster should keep the mobile devices in mind while creating a website, because the searches coming from mobile devices are currently either equal to desktop devices or very close to desktop devices. And… (1 comment)