How to SEO Optimize Archive Links in Blogger?
As we’ve been talking about blogger SEO in deep. I previously published two different posts covering how to optimize blogger label links and how to optimize blogger’s comments?. And Thus, I’ve come up today with another similar post and this is about optimizing the archive links in Blogger. These links hold our blog’s history either… (11 comments)

In my previous tutorial on BBC (BestBloggerCafe) I tutored about optimizing blogger labels and thus, in this tutorial I’ll address optimizing blogger comments. Comments are very important for a blog because they are crawled by search engines. So if a blog is having a lot of comments from the visitors then it is a very good thing.… (7 comments)

Hi guys, do you know what are blogger labels?, Blogger labels are those links which we add when we create a new post. We can add many labels to a single post. These labels are basically tags, but in Blogger by default they are called labels. When you click on a label link, that opens with… (2 comments)

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks where people share everything in their free time. So it has become very important for bloggers and SEO’s. You know if you have a decent amount of Facebook likes for your blog or website then you may get extra advantages of it. But mostly in Blogger we don’t… (0 comment)

Most Important SEO Tips For Blogger Part 2
Must Have SEO Settings for Blogger Blog: In the first part of our series you learnt how to optimize Title, Labels, Headings and comments of your BlogSpot blog. Today you will learn how to optimize archives and how to setup robot.txt file in blogger blog as well as the some tips regarding Meta Description &… (5 comments)

8 Killer SEO Tips For Blogger Blog 2014 Part 1
Must Have SEO Settings for Blogger in 2014: SEO is completely essential to have your blog achieve top ranking in all the search engines.It will ensure your blog gets supreme visibility on the best search engines and your blog grab the major market share. In other words we can say SEO is something really really… (5 comments)

SEO Effects of Keeping Title Tags Short and Pertinent
How Keeping Title Tags Short and Pertinent is Effective in SEO: The most important factors determining the search engine results position (SERP) is the title tag of your blog/website that’s actually the description that appears on the top of the browser.Many newbie bloggers commit mistake when creating the title tag. The major one is to… (0 comment)

How Keyword Starter List Can Help In SEO?
Benefits of Keywords Starter List in SEO: Keyword Objective can definitely point you in the right direction. But they also can help you to fall into the trap of researching industry terms. Often, What is common lingo in your company? Isn’t what really people search for when trying to find your website. To overcome this pitfall… (5 comments)

What is Importance of Keyword Marketing Objectives in SEO?
 Impact of Marketing Objective in SEO! Whenever I decide to launch a new website I sat down and looked at the marketing objective that I want to achieve with this website. One common mistake people make when starting keyword research is that they only considered traffic as the main deciding factor for what keywords to… (9 comments)