What is Allo? How it is differ with others?
GoogleAllo is messaging application which is available in Play store and works as same way as WhatsApp but it is doing more than WhatsApp. Ok what is unique in GoogleAllo. Yes Allo is having more features like virtual assistant and incognito Tab which allows you to interact more and have fun yourself. And you wont… (2 comments)

SEO Myths, Misnomers, and Mistakes Part 2
SEO Myths, Misnomers, and Mistakes to Avoid in Your SEO Strategy In the Part 1 of this series I share the mistakes and myths around optimizing code on a website. When it comes to the user visibly seen site optimization. There seems to be abundance of false notions floating around. If you have not go… (5 comments)

With the invention of computer and internet, our generation has entered into a new era. Every day many new websites are introduced for a different purpose, whether it is social networking site, video-sharing sites, search enginess, reference site, for instant messaging, blogging, news, social media or just to advertise some business. Obviously some sites are… (4 comments)

Today I have something different & interesting for you. This post covers how to find a job at Google.com and Facebook.com. I guess everyone who is reading this article knows (Google & Facebook), Google is the biggest online company which manages a huge number of products and has the most widest team to manage these… (5 comments)

Google Adsense just launched a new content ad unit of large horizontal size 970*90 and this is a brand-friendly ad unit, was stated in Adsense blog just today. The new ad size is the second major addition in Adsense ad sizes. Just few months back, Adsense added a big ad unit 300*600 to their available sizes of… (4 comments)

Google has rolled out a new improvement to Blogger commenting system by allowing blogger users to integrate Google+ comments with blogger. This is a major improvement by G+ team and will definitely help blogger users. Now you can have all comments in one place. This is one more indication from Google towards its social network’s future, now… (7 comments)

Google Analytics tool is one of the popular free tools from Google. This tool provides a comprehensive set of sub-tools which you can use to know about your site’s daily statistics. The tool is free to use and easy to handle. You can create an account on Analytics tool and can add many sites as… (7 comments)

This is a first heard and first publish news. Google which helps you in every aspect related to your site. Whether it is a technical crawling issue or any error in creating content, Google has always helped you in real and has been providing essential information for years. It has kept an eye on Search… (4 comments)