What is Allo? How it is differ with others?
GoogleAllo is messaging application which is available in Play store and works as same way as WhatsApp but it is doing more than WhatsApp. Ok what is unique in GoogleAllo. Yes Allo is having more features like virtual assistant and incognito Tab which allows you to interact more and have fun yourself. And you wont… (2 comments)

 As you know guys blogger blogs look really cool when you add some beautiful widget to it. Specially social media widgets are now liked by everyone. They make a difference in blog design. And blogger blogs are entirely easy to customize. You can add any widget in minutes. Twitter is also a popular social media website, which’s widgets are awesome in… (2 comments)

Blogger’s blogs each element is customize-able with CSS and JavaScript. There are many widgets in Blogger that you might want to customize or make them looking more beautiful. And one of theme is Popular posts widget in Blogger. So our today’s trick is very simple and about blogger popular widget customization. This widget comes in all default… (1 comment)

Blogger.com is an online content management system which is very easy to create a free blog with and start work on. And there are thousands of designers out there who work to make blogger blogs more better and stunning. So I’ll be sharing some great stuff with you on this page regarding blogger. I’ll share… (22 comments)

As we’ve been talking about Blogger design since the creation of this blog and we would like to continue providing you with better understanding of Blogger blogs. As we told, Blogger blogs are entirely customize-able and you can change your blog design by yourself if you have the essential knowledge of web designing. In blogger… (8 comments)

Blogger blogs can be customized or colorized more beautifully than your expectations. You may have seen many blogger users who have decorated their blogs with numerous colors and fancy styles. This all is done by using beautiful CSS tricks. If you are familiar with CSS then it won’t be difficult for you to change your… (9 comments)

Popular posts on blogger is being always displayed with the default style by Blogger, and it also being displayed with different styles in custom blogger templates. However, it is very easy to customize popular posts widget in Blogger, just you need to target it’s random ID which is automatically created by Blogger when you add… (7 comments)