How Keywords Work in SEO?
Understanding How Keywords Work in Search Engine Optimization? I have talk peoples about SEO, i learned that there can be some confusion on exactly how a keyword works with Search Engine Optimization. Therefore before we actually start into the process of Keyword Research. It will help to first build a strong foundation of how keywords are essential… (5 comments)

SEO Myths, Misnomers, and Mistakes Part 2
SEO Myths, Misnomers, and Mistakes to Avoid in Your SEO Strategy In the Part 1 of this series I share the mistakes and myths around optimizing code on a website. When it comes to the user visibly seen site optimization. There seems to be abundance of false notions floating around. If you have not go… (5 comments)

SEO Myths, Misnomers, and Mistakes Part 1
Meaningful Information About SEO Myths, Misnomers, and Mistakes Today +Best Bloggers Cafe (BBC) sort out some facts from fiction and want to discuss some of the mistakes and myths that people have when it comes to On-Page and On-Side Optimization as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role to improve Search Engine visibility and boost revenue. Here are… (15 comments)

Optimizing blogger blogs is not a very much difficult job now a days, because a lot of new improvements for On-Page optimization by blogger team have been recently introduced. Blogger blogs used to be said less SEO friendly in comparison with WordPress. But they improved their platform a lot in recent years, especially in 2013. Many new… (15 comments)

Load time or speed of a blog is basically very important now a days in SEO’s prospective. So here I’ll give you some tips about how to check and reduce your blog’s load time. And this surely affects your blog’s ranking. For checking your blog’s ranking, you can use several tools available online. But to… (6 comments)

If you are using for your blog then you probably know that blogger few months back changed its interface to a completely new one. Also blogger added a new section to its tools which is called “Search Preferences” and which is only to make blogger more SEO friendly. So that option was the most… (10 comments)

We are throwing the tutorials regarding blogger SEO. And I recently published tutorials about Custom Redirection in blogger and custom page not found. Also you can find dynamic meta tags setting in blogger on this blog. And thus, I’m continuing the series and today we’ll discuss robots.txt file which is also very important in order to deal… (12 comments)

As you might know blogger recently changed its old interface to completely a new one, and blogger team added some most awaited new features to its new interface including dynamic meta description tag for both home page and individual posts. Before these changes, we were facing issues while adding descriptions separately for Home page and… (7 comments)