How to Earn money with PPC Ads in 2014?
PPC simply stands for Pay Per Click, this is the best way to earn money online with your blog or website. If you have a website or blog then you can apply for any PPC ad network which can provide you opportunity to show their PPC ads on your website. A website or blog which is having… (3 comments)

Google Adsense is a  major PPC ad network which has a powerful monitoring system & tools for displaying ads on publishers’ websites and collecting the clicks. There is some kind of statistical data being displayed in your Adsense account every day when you visit your account. In your account when you click the reports tab,… (5 comments)

Adsense works great on content receiving good traffic from search engines, because it is a targeted keyword based PPC ad network. but if you receive good traffic from search engines and still don’t make considerable income with it then you might be doing  some mistakes somewhere in implementation, and ads placements is included in this. So make… (43 comments)

Google Adsense just launched a new content ad unit of large horizontal size 970*90 and this is a brand-friendly ad unit, was stated in Adsense blog just today. The new ad size is the second major addition in Adsense ad sizes. Just few months back, Adsense added a big ad unit 300*600 to their available sizes of… (4 comments)

Recently on this blog I talked about Adsense CTR and CPC in details, and I promised that I’ll be writing another article on how to increase CTR & CPC to earn more money with GA. So throughout this article I’ll be guiding you about a drastic improvement in your earning with Adsense by making few… (31 comments)

If you are one of the publishers of Google Adsense and have been using it for monetizing your content since a while, but you still have some confusions about different tools and reports available in your GA account then I’ll be happy to share some tips with you. Here in this tutorial I’ll be talking… (2 comments)

Google Adsense is a PPC (Per Per Click) ad network, which pays you for valid clicks by the visitors on your websites/blogs. The valid clicks actually occur by users’ interest genuinely. Google Ads are very close & relevant to your website’s content. Therefore, users naturally click the ads if they are relevant to the query they were… (5 comments)

As Many of You Know that Google Adsense is the top giant of online PPC advertisements. This program is run by Google very effectively and has a great online reputation for last couple of years. There are thousands of webmasters who only rely on Adsense earnings at large, but many are also out there who… (56 comments)

Google Adsense is without doubts the king of online ad services. So far, there is no competition between Adsense and any other ad network. It is run effectively by Google and has been improving and upgrading its systems time to time. It has high CPC (Cost Per Click) rates and many things more which has… (47 comments)

Despite a large number of new Pay Per Click advertisements in the market, Google Adsense is still considered the king of PPC networks which is a play and plug-in ads network. The most appreciated thing is this network is; it has relevant ads for your content and of your choices. Also every aspect of Google Adsense is… (16 comments)