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Blogger SEO Best Tips for Increasing Visitors

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Blogger SEO TipsOptimizing blogger blogs is not a very much difficult job now a days, because a lot of new improvements for On-Page optimization by blogger team have been recently introduced. Blogger blogs used to be said less SEO friendly in comparison with WordPress. But they improved their platform a lot in recent years, especially in 2013. Many new features were released in 2013 such as the search preferences page in the dashboard, the ALT and title attributes for images, the custom permalink feature and much more. Throughout this article, I’ll be guiding you how to easily improve your blog’s search engine ranking when you are staying on Blogger. The tips are all according to on-page, so the off-page formula is the same for all blogs and websites. Now let’s start for a great discussion about blogger blog’s seo.

How to improve Blogger blog’s traffic?

The first thing you need to do in blogger for increasing traffic; make the correct SEO setting, the default setting is not recommended for you. So when you’ve created your blog on Blogger.com then first of all go to Dashboard >> Setting and then search preferences and do the following setting which is described separately on this blog in different posts, here are the links to those posts:
The above are some posts related to blogger SEO which can help you covering all necessary components of blogger on-page, however, they are not enough now. Here are some more tips for you regarding blogger SEO which can help you further.

Optimizing Images in Blogger

Using images in blog posts is a great idea, however, without optimizing them is just a time wastage, you can optimize images before uploading them to blogger, just give them appropriate names offline, for example: you may have an image about SEO, so you can name that image as “SEO Tips 2014″ or something like that. Then upload the image to your blog and use the Properties option in blogger to add ALT and title attributes. Always try to use your title’s main keyword in image ALT attribute and in image’s name.
Custom Permalink
Custom permalink is another great addition to blogger, you can now use separate title for your post and also a separate permanent link. While writing a post just see an option “Permalink” at left side of your post editor, click that and select “Custom Permalink”, so you can create your own permalink for each post, use at least 3 words for each permalink and also try to throw 2 birds with one stone.
Headings Setting
Headings are important in any blog’s structure, and in blogger, the heading structure is something annoying, because the H1 is assigned to Blog title while the H2 tag (heading 2) is assigned to Date and Widget titles in sidebar, and H3 is assigned to Blog post titles, and this is not SEO friendly because the post title is the most important line towards which Search robots look at first.
So you need to change the headings in blogger, change all H3 tags to H2, you can find all of the tags in your template Edit HTML section, look for CSS and HTML, and change all the H3 tags and replace them with H2. This will improve your blog’s ranking.
Using a simple & SEO optimized template
This is one of the most important thing for blogger blogs, the more simple & SEO friendly design you have for your blog, the more chances are there for getting a higher ranking from Google. Because it plays a major role in blogger blogs. You should be selecting a template which is not using heavy javaScripts and jQuery etc, also you should be using a new updated template, at least the template should be created in the middle of 2012. Because older templates are neither SEO friendly nor up to date. For finding a great template you can always visit my this post:
Now I think these tips would be enough to somehow optimize your blogger blogs, but if something is missing then do ask in comment section, so I can further assist you.
Thank you for reading the post and wish you a great time with blogger.com!

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  • Sir thank u very much for such an informative and helping post


  • Wali bro i am using h7 tag for internal links so am i rights. for example in the middle of posts every one try to insert internal links like in this post you have inserted “Top websites for downloading blogger templates”
    by ol tag.

    I have kept & used a special css property internal links goes here i am always doing like this. so whats your openion in this regard.

    if you are asking that why you are doing this. then my question is here. Because i am giving special design to internal links. i could be easily customize after long time. by only changing in that h7 tag in templates. thats why.

    but i have given a h7 tag thats why i am fear so that any issue for robots. guide me.

    • I think there is no h7 tag in HTML, because headings are from h1 to h6, BTW, there is no problem, actually the links are well-known for robots.

  • Nice post wali. in seo much important for on page optimization? valuable information you given thanks for sharing. keep up your good work doing
     phd dissertation proposal format

  • Nice Post Wali Bro…
    And as you mentioned, the template i am using is “Shabuddin Ayubi”, will it good rank from search engines. I’ve done all the things mentioned for increasing blog traffic…. Have you done any changes to thiss template you are using… Please Wali Bro…. Reply, Will be helpful for me!!!

    • I’ve just done some customization in the design as you can see, however, as per SEO everything is added by default, so I think there is no changes required, however, one thing is important that this template has a lot of javascripts, therefore it increase the loading time, and that is not mostly liked by the search engines.

      I’m searching for a better template, so I’ll change this then.

  • Wali Bro…. When you will change the template of this blog then please tell me, i will also include it because i am unable to find a good seo customized template. In my blogger stats, it showa that i am getting traffic like “http://wwww.google.com.pk – 1 . http://wwww.google.com/search – 2″ it means i am getting clicks from google… Does it mean.
    Sameer from Tricki Mania

  • WaliBrother i have off topic question please bro dont mind.

    bro since from 7 days when i publish post then after coming in search result it does not show author picture along with posts why. ?

    i am using blogger platform and have published about 48 posts but all of them are right and showing author picture with post in search result. but now this issue is hat-elated.

    Now what should i do so that my these new several post show author image in search result. please guide me.

    • Sometimes it happened to all bloggers, many of my posts also don’t appear with my picture, but it is not a big issue, it will be resolved itself.

  • Wali Bro you can use Permalinks in post? what is the benefit of Permalink using bro and 2nd question how to increase Google PageRank. Cheers:) Customize Change Scrollbar Colour in Blogger With CSS3

  • very nice….I’m extremely pleased to uncover this website.
    I want to to thank you for ones time for this particularly fantastic read!!
    I definitely loved every little bit of it and I have you saved as a favorite to
    see new stuff in your Website

  • A great post I’ve read after a lot of. often people post just for traffic like 5 best tips for this and 9 good tips for that but this is the post describing all the basic things just in one content. 2 things i liked most.
    1. You have told about permalinks that it should be 3-5 words and it is a great thing you have told, i always believe in same title heading and permalinks but when i saw your this post permalink of just 3 words with good rank in google, i learned a lot.
    2. Optimized images: every one knows about alt text but what you said about the name of image before uploading was great as often images have names like 9238498734 and image_34343 and we don’t just change it.
    In the last you told about template and that it shouldn’t be older than 2012 was again great as there was no concept of SEO before the year 2012.
    and more greatly I’ve the same template as of you, little bit design changing and pleased to know it. please check:



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