3D Printing Pen – Drawing or Creating 3D Objects

3D Printing Pen – Drawing or Creating 3D Objects
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In stone time Human Being used to write and draw images on rocks with some sharp element which may stone or iron. And he used to write the notes about him, animal and society etc. Then it is come to paper. Papers give the revolution in recording all his needs and communicate too. He used to draw in the papers too. Next is computer by which he used to store everything in this. Not to talk about much on this. So now time come to 3D – Three Dimensional views. Of course one can draw 3D diagrams in Papers as well as computer but I want to introduce what is available in the current market. That is the 3D Printing Pen made us to write and draw on air and making 3D objects as it is(x-y-z Dimensions).




We used Pencils, Pens and Crayons and so on. But the 3D Printing Pen is look a like Pen but it doing more than Pen. This is completely different from Pen. Yes it is having electronic structure in its body. The electronic parts are constructed in its body such a way that is less weight, very compact, not harmful, easy to use and producing creative ideas. The body of the 3D printing Pen is lightly bigger than ordinary Pen or Pencils. The surface of the 3D pen is also made with good materials like plastics which is giving smoothness to the fingers. Even though it is using heating method this 3D pen is not giving any heat to the fingers. So it is allowing users to give smoothness.


In 3D Pen there was a provision which allows the color filament to center portion of the 3D Pen from the back portion. The back portion of the 3D pen is keep on sending the color filament in to the center part of the 3D pen. The heating element which is available in center is heating the filament and making it as paste. When it is coming out from the nozzle which is the output of the 3D pen gives semiliquid colored pastry and through our creativity or our desire we can move Pen here and there for creating desired shape. Say for example you want to make to draw 3D cube. You can draw first square and build this cube with diagonals. You have develop such a way that it should be strong or else it will break down.
Different colors of Plastic filaments are available now in the market. You can insert any color as your requirement. Inserting the plastic filament to the 3D pen and pressing the button for continuous heating and movement of filament will come out from nozzle. Nozzles are also available in different sizes so that the object can be drawn with different size of plastic output form nozzle.


Some Brands are below sell the 3D Printing Pen:
3Dsimo mini, Lix Smart, Scribbler 3D Pen V3, 7 Tech 3D Printing Pen, Ccbetter intelligent 3D pen, Lay3r 3D Pen, Genesis 3D Printing Pen, 3Doodler Pen, Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen CreoPop Cardless Pen.

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