15 Most Popular Blogger Widgets for Every Blog

By | July 1, 2013
blogger popular widgetsBlogger.com is an online content management system which is very easy to create a free blog with and start work on. And there are thousands of designers out there who work to make blogger blogs more better and stunning. So I’ll be sharing some great stuff with you on this page regarding blogger. I’ll share 15 selected blogger widgets which are actually created by different designers, but I’ll just point you to the widgets pages and you’ll be able to have any of these widgets. This is actually to encourage those bloggers who have shared these great resources with the community. So let’s start have a look at these fantastic widgets.

15 Blogger Widgets to have in 2013

These widgets will play a major role in your blogging success, because these widgets are mostly used to attract more visitors towards your blog. The list includes social media widgets, subscription widgets, drop down & horizontal menus, Pop up widgets, designing widgets, optimization widgets and more. Now let’s grab the widgets one by one.

#1. Flipped Style Social Media Widget

social following widget

This widget is something really amazing in design, you can decorate your blog with this cute widget which is having major social following buttons and also searching box on your blog. Grab it from here

#2. Professional Subscribe Now Widget

professional subscription widget
This widget is used by this blog (BBC) and this widget is one of the most professional subscription widgets which is looking stunning on your blog. This widget has Facebook, Twitter & Google+ following links and also a great email subscription box. Grab it from here

#3. Social media & RSS subscription widget

social subscription widget
This is another great widget which is having the same subscription and following buttons, but with more beautiful styles. You can have this widget if you want your blog to look more attractive. Grab this widget from here.

#4. Social Media Sharing Widget Below Posts

social sharing widget

This widget is worth having by your blog, because it displays beautiful mirror type social sharing buttons after your every blog post, you can insert this widget below the posts in your blog, Grab it from here.

#5. Black Color Beautiful Buttons Styles for Labels

blogger labels

This widget is used by us and looks very beautiful and speedy. You can just make your blogger labels more stunning by using this widget. This basically not a widget but styles for blogger label links. Grab it from here.

#6. Curved Glossy Horizontal Menu for Blogger

beautiful menu for blogger

I loved this menu when I saw it for the first time, this menu is purely designed for blogger blogs and you can easily integrate it on your blog. This is one of the stylish menus for blogger yet, Grab it from here.

#7. Popular Posts Numbering Widget with colors

popular posts widget
If you want your blog more fancy then must use this widget too, this widget is totally built in with CSS3 and very faster to load on any browser. This actually removes the default styles of your “Popular Posts” and adds a beautiful colorized style to it, Grab the customized version of this widget.

#8. Social Media Floating Widget

social media floating widget
This is social media sharing floating widget with all popular social networks and the social buttons also have counters to count the number of shares on social media. So you can easily insert it on blogger, it is indeed a great widget, Grab it from here.

#9. Social Media Share Buttons Below Post Titles

social sharing buttons
This is also a social media sharing widget which is having social buttons along with counters, so visitors can easily share your content on social media using this widget, and this widget is mostly inserted after post titles in blogger for better result. Grab This widget here.

#10. jQuery Facebook Pop Up Like Box

Facebook pop up like box

If you want to increase your facebook fans/likes then this widget is specially designed for you, it will pop up when the visitor is visiting your site and will be showing your facebook page in a pop up like box, this is easy and superb. Grab it from here

#11. Related Posts Widget by Linkwithin

linkwithin widget

Without using this widget your blog might be incomplete, this widget displays the most related posts/stories below every post in your blogger blog, must use it to get more page views. Grab it from here.

#12. Black Color Drop Down Menu for Blogger

drop down menu for blogger
This is a simple CSS3 built in drop down menu for blogger blogs, you can super easily add it to your blogger blogs. If you want to use a drop down menu on your blog and the color scheme is matching with this menu then must give it a try. Grab it from here.

#13. Three Column Black Footer Widget for Blogger

three column footer widget
This widget is a very nice widget for your blog’s footer, if you want to add a three column new widget below your blog main body then must try this one on your blog, it will add more beauty to your blog and you’ll have a more professional looking blog by using this widget. Grab it from here.

#14. Bouncing jQuery Menu for Blogger

jQuery bouncing menu for blogger

Another great looking menu for blogger blogs, this menu is having different color for each link and also get bounced when a visitor hovers mouse on it. Grab it from here.

#15. Social Media Recommendation Bar for Blogger

social recommendation bar
If you want to recommend your social media following links to the visitors on every scroll then must use this widget which is a customized widget and looking great in terms of design. Grab it from here.
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So the above were the most popular widgets that you can use on your blogger blogs easily, however, I’ll share more specific widgets list in the future, so you’ll be able to find more designing resources to make your blog looking like a tree of all fruits. Have a Good Day!

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