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10 Tips to write the best & SEO Friendly blog post

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write great blog posts easilyBlogging is something known as online diary where you can freely express your opinions give comments regarding any topic whether its academic or educational related or its about sports, music entertainment etc. promoting products and brands through blogging has also emerged as one of the latest businesses.
Now the question here arises is that how to write a best blog that contains crispy, crunchy words, rich content, relevant points, engaging tones etc.
Here are some tips and advises to write engaging, targeting and best blog post, by observing these points you can write better blog posts in the future.

Tip#1. Do use of Headings

Always try to choose engaging headings that can catch readers quickly, the headings are those lines which can stick the visitors to not leave the page and read more content by scrolling down the page.

Tip#2. Length of the post

Appropriate length of the article should be of appropriate length neither too lengthy that bores the reader nor too short that contains incomplete information and ends abruptly. It should be something like you are entertaining the reader as well as covering the story in short words. If a post needs more words to be described then try to write long posts.

Tip#3. Write Rich Content

Rich content does simply means, that write the content which is relevant to the story step by step, don’t go away from the topic on any point, if you went away from the topic in the middle of the post then the reader might leave the post instantly.

Tip#4.Check Grammatical Mistakes

This is the most important tip. Never use short forms or slang language while writing blogs because your blog is the shadow of your thoughts. Always try to recheck grammatical errors in your blog before publishing the post, this way you’ll gain the first attention from both search engines and readers.

Tip#5. Double Check Spelling Mistakes

Spelling try to spell check your blog before posting and avoid using slang language. In every post editor there is a spelling check tool, do use that tool when you finish writing the post. Remove all spelling errors, so visitors & search engines will like the post more frequently.

Tip#6. Be simple while writing a post

Avoid jargons, if you want to increase your readers, avoid using jargons and technical terms although it gives your blog a heavy look but don’t forget that simplicity can attract and engage number of readers multiple times than jargons could.

Tip#7. Search & then Research

On whatever topic you are writing, do research well before posting your opinion right in front of audience. Always gather facts and figures and try to use recent statistics. This way people will be admiring you for your hard work and research always bring precious knowledge to your brain.

Tip#8. Do Use Relevant Images

As you might have heard of a sentence that “An image is worth 1000 words”, so if you use some relevant images inside your blog post, that would an ordinary thing to attract more people towards your post. However, do not use too many images in a single post, you may use up to 3 images.

Tip#9. Use excellent vocabulary

Try not to use Jargons but use some good quality language that gives weight age to the beauty of your blog post. You can search on the internet, there are many free dictionaries online which provide you a bunch of free vocabulary, just remember the simple words that are used mostly and may be understandable for everyone. Use them as much as you can.

Tip#10. Share your post with others

Now that you’ve done the whole work, in order to promote your post always share it to all social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and wherever else you participate. While you don’t want to overload or spam people, sharing your post multiple times can help account for different time zones or preferred reading times.
Writing the perfect blog post is something like building a house. With a mix of strong materials, ideas, working layout and a proper outline, you can create the rich space to host a growing collection of returning visitors. All your blog needs is relevant content, to the point information, precise and brief opinion, good vocabulary and mostly excellent command over language in a great format to be successful.
Blogging has emerged as one of the leading tool to promote your brand, product or service in a very short period of time to catch huge number of readers. Use it properly and wisely.
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