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10 tips to become a Pro-Blogger within a Year

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pro-bloggerIts every blogger wish to become an expert in blogging or in other words, to become a pro-blogger, which is not that hard as it sounds. The reason for most of the bloggers to get to the category of pro-bloggers is to have complete command over blogging skills so that they could have well managed and good ranked blog and also they can help with their expertise to the new bloggers. Having a title of “Pro-Blogger” was very difficult to prove in previous years, but if we look at 2013 then it becomes very clear and a bit easier. What you actually need to dos is; read about the existing Pro-Bloggers stories and have the required skills of blogging. Here we have few tips for you which can help you becoming a Pro-Blogger within a YEAR. 
But before sharing my tips for becoming a Pro-Blogger, I’ll just give you an introduction or definition of Pro-Blogger. Because you must know the definition of Pro-Blogger before becoming it.

What does a Pro-Blogger mean?

Pro-Blogger simply means = Professional Blogger who only depends on his Blogging and do it full time. This word is used for those bloggers who earn thousands of dollars with their blogs and do blogging is a full time job or business. They have authoritative skills  on the subjects they are blogging on.
Now come to our 10 tips to become a professional blogger.

#1. Blog Only on a Single Topic

Know your function and blog within it: Well-monetized sites tend to be seen as an authority on a single topic. Write on too many topics and it’s hard to cultivate an engaged community. Brands may feel that the attention you can generate for them is ‘watered down’ when compared with a site that only publishes content relative to the brand’s target audience.

#2. Provide useful content 

Posts that attempt to answer questions and solve problems are much more likely to be shared. Don’t feel like you have to have all the answers. Open-ended or unfinished posts tend to generate the most comments from readers. This way, people will find you more experienced than others.

#3. Improve your writing skills

Make it easy for readers to figure out what your post is about. Your first sentence or two should hook the reader and compel them to read on. Make sure spelling and grammar are correct; nothing turns a new reader or potential brand off faster than poorly written content. Keeping yourself busy in reading 20 to 40 posts daily on the internet can help you to become a very good writer in a less time.

#4. Keep posts to a single topic As Much as Possible

Confused posts lead to click away. Brands don’t always want to share the spotlight with your workouts, outfits and family photos. A series of posts on related topics can be a great way to generate return readers and help turn you into an authority. Brands love authorities. This is because, you can get more potentials by posting a single topic instead of posting on multiple topics. This has been proven many times.

#5. Make it easy for readers to stay on your site

Keeping your readers happy is one of the most difficult job for a starter blogger, however, you can do something amazing to make them happy once, and then they’ll follow you forever. You should give them content such as they really need it. In starting you need to just focus on readers intention, just give them as much as you can. After one year you’ll get many things back from them.

#6. Know who’s visiting your blog, what they expect to find

Use Google analytics to find the most frequently searched terms that lead to your site. Then write more about these topics! Find your most read posts and write about those topics again. Don’t forget to back link to the previous posts which were popular on search engines.

#7. Cultivate incoming links

Search engines reward pages that have lots of inbound links, especially if those links come from high ranking pages. Link to those high ranking pages first! Every time a blog post is linked to the author gets a ‘track back’ notice. This is something can easily be done with a little time and efforts, but the Result is indeed outstanding.

#8. Tap into human nature

People naturally incline towards the popular. Studies have shown that when people see a lot of other people doing something, they’re more likely to themselves. Consider letting readers know how many page views your blog has had, the number of people who subscribe to it, the size of your Twitter and Facebook members and followers. This way, more people will follow you, because they know, you are popular already.

#9. Listen to Every Voice!

Whether people comment on your blog or send you a message/email, just answer their questions with detailed answer in starting, because they need your help in real, and if you helped them, they’ll be loving you forever. They’ll even recommend you to their colleges and friends. So give importance to each response your receive for your blog’s content.

#10. Learn Every Possible Aspect of Blogging

Along with your creative work, you also need to give time to research on the internet and learn new things everyday which is necessary for blogging. For example, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of SEO then everyday search a few minutes on this topic, and you’ll find something new everyday. And same goes for every aspect related to blogging.
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After one Year!

If you applied every tip mentioned above then after one year you’ll be in the list of Pro-Bloggers. This is not something impossible these days, because the information shared today on the internet has answer to each of your question. Before few years, you couldn’t achieve a target within double of the given time, but now you can achieve that in half of the time, because of countless resources available today.

One Most Important Thing is to be Kept in Mind that Never Give UP! 

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