10 Most Popular Websites on The Internet

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top 10 popular websitesWith the invention of computer and internet, our generation has entered into a new era. Every day many new websites are introduced for a different purpose, whether it is social networking site, video-sharing sites, search enginess, reference site, for instant messaging, blogging, news, social media or just to advertise some business. Obviously some sites are more popular than others.
The ranking measure for most popular sites depends on three basic things. Alexa internet ranks, a site which rate other websites based on pageviews. Number of external sites linked to the site we are looking at and the Google Display Network Ad Planner which keep an eye on the number of unique visitors of a particular site. So we have a list of top 10 most popular websites on the internet. These websites are the most visited websites on the web.

#1. Google.Com

Google is without any question the most popular website on the web, with an audience of around 900,000,000 per month. This site provides a number of services including, Gmail, Blogging, web browsing through Google chrome and social networking through Google+ but, is best known for its purpose as a search engine. The average time spent by a visitor on this site is 14 minutes.

#2. Facebook.Com

Facebook, the social networking site, having 1.15 billion active users, have 700,000,000 monthly visitors. This site allows you to connect with other people be it long lost friends or the family and share  photos, videos  and absolutely anything you want. The site initially founded by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his
Harvard friends in 2004 have earned $5.1 billion in 2012 and is ranked as the second most popular site. Users usually spend around 27 minutes per visit.

#3. YouTube.Com

YouTube, a site now owned by Google has 450,000,000 viewers per month. This site is the most popular video sharing site, where you can not only upload videos you like but also watch videos of your missed shows, movie clips, music and educational videos. Visitor browses through it end up looking at more than 12 unique pages each day. The majority of the audience of this site belong to the US, although it is popular all over the world.

#4. Yahoo.Com

The site standing at 4th position according to Alexa Rank is Yahoo with 500,000,000 estimated monthly visitors. This site used to rule before emergence of Google and is still more popular with older audiences. The different services it provides includes yahoo search, directory, mail, advertising, news, maps, videos finance and yahoo answers. Surprisingly most people don’t know that yahoo stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. It has 6.33 daily pageviews per visitor.

#5. Baidu.Com

On 5th rank is Baidu which is the strong Chinese search engine. It is the first company to offer wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and personal digital assistance (PDA) based mobile search in China. This site has 14.44 daily pageviews per visitor and 11:37 minutes is the average time spent by each visitor.

#6. Wikipedia.Com

Then comes Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software. This site is visited by 325,000,000 people per month. This site is a not for profit organization and will always be free of cost for the users. You can find any information about anything on Wikipedia.

#7. QQ.Com

At number 7 stands QQ, an instant messaging service developed by the Chinese, provides a number of other services including shopping, games, micro-blogging etc. it has 6.39 daily pageviews per visitor.

#8. Amazon.Com

Amazon is world’s largest online retailer company selling everything from books to furniture to food and much more. With 5.81 daily page views it has 250,000,000 visitors per month.

#9. windowslive.com

9th position can be given to windows live, which is the collective brand name for instant messaging, live account, SkyDrive, photo gallery, Hotmail, movie maker, search engine, secure online file storage services. With 11.67 page views it has 325,000,000 visitors per month.

#10. Twitter.Com

Twitter, another social networking site, stands in 10th position with 200,000,000 estimated site visitors per month. The site is used by all celebrities, politicians, players, actors, actresses and all mega stars. Mostly popular people (Celebrities) don’t use Facebook, instead they prefer to use Twitter for social networking. And Twitter is now very useful for sending updates via mobile.
Let us know in comments that how did you find this list of most popular websites on the internet. Which one is your favorite among these websites? Still thinking?

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