10 Keys to retain your Customers to increase your sales

For a company its customers, the goal must always be to make them live an exceptional and unexpected experience, so that the product and the company occupy a predominant place in their minds.

The ultimate goal is that these customers think of you first when they want to buy your product again. And for that, a process of regular interactions with them is essential. So you give them more value, which your competitors do not, and this value is often the point of difference that makes you stand out and keeps your competitors away from your main customers.

Also, remember: it’s always easier for your competitors to grab your market share than trying to find a new customer who has never bought a specific type of product.

By using some of the ideas described below, not only will you give your customers a reason to come back to you, but it will also allow you to build a bulwark around them to protect them from the influence of your competitors you can take help from Unlocking Your Future.


The following 10 ideas have been tested all over the world. However, few leaders use these techniques to control their market, which is very good news for you as it will facilitate the creation of a single point of difference.

1. Send personalized thank you messages

One of the most effective ways to create a point of difference is to say, “Thank you for your trust” or “I’m happy to have met you. Less than 2% of people send their thanks in writing.

Think about the last five important purchases you made, have you ever received a word of thanks for one of them? If so, what effect did it have on you? Important element: make sure the message is written by hand.

2. What if you do not win the sale of a product or a commercial contract?

You must give your acknowledgments even if you do not get the sale or the contract, if your offer is not chosen or if you are not selected.

Before you ask, “Why do I have to do this? You will see that there are two main reasons. First of all, at first you were allowed to make an offer while some people are not even solicited. Then it allows you to have the last word.

If the winning company gives up or does not deliver the expected results, you will be at the top of the list for the next time. It may even be that your offer is reconsidered because you will have made an extra effort. How many people are 100% satisfied after deciding on a purchase? Remember that 60% of people give up after the first refusal and 95% of salesmen give up after the sixth refusal. Perseverance is a positive and proactive approach.

3. Track phone calls

You must follow up on all your steps, whether by mail, telephone, as part of a visit in person or by e-mail. Never depart from the assumption that your potential client has received the information you have sent him that he is completely satisfied with his purchase; that he is able to understand how the product works and that he now has an answer to all his questions.

Too few people follow up on a product sale or information request.

4. Write a newsletter about your new products or current products

If you are about to launch a new product or renew a part of your product line, inform your customers in advance. Do not let the media or anyone else do it for you.

The newsletter is the ideal way to regularly inform your customers about the benefits of your products. You can also offer them an offer to purchase or invite them to try the product in preview, before marketing.

5. Highlight the “Product of the month”

If you do not have new products, take a close look at the product of the month. Even if your customers do not buy your product, it is still an opportunity for you to inform them about the news of your products and your sales. Give them a special offer to encourage them to try the product or to discover it during their next store visit, or offer them a free demo.

6. Send personalized birthday wishes

This is a great idea for direct sales companies to customers. Although this technique may seem very tedious, it is really very profitable. The only difficulty is to get, first, the birth date of your customers. To do this, you can ask them to complete a survey form, request this information on the account creation form or on the loyalty program form.

7. Celebrate the anniversary of corporate clients

Take a moment to send a card or fax to the company and its employees on the anniversary of its creation. You can even congratulate them by giving them a gift or by sending them a birthday cake.

You can easily find this information by studying the company’s profile, visiting its website or interviewing one of the company’s employees. This practice is infrequent, and yet, if you make this small gesture of loyalty, what image do you think your customers will have of you?

8. Celebrate the anniversary of the purchase of the product

Contact your customers at certain times according to the product timeline. For example, you can contact your customers 12 months after their purchase to inform them of the news of your company or you can simply contact them to check that everything is fine with the product in question.

You can also let customers know that the product warranty is expiring soon and offer them a simple check for them. Take advantage of this contact to offer some type of incentive promotional offers such as warranty extensions or maintenance contracts.

9. Think of your customers at the festivities for your company’s birthday

Many companies communicate about the organization of “anniversary sales” or festivities. But it would be fashionable to thank your customers for contributing to the sustainability of your business.

Without their trust, you might not have many more birthdays to celebrate! You can send a word expressing your sympathy or even add an advertisement when you publish an article about your company in the local newspaper or in your internal newspaper.

10. Accompany the delivery of your product with an unexpected gift

Offer the unexpected to people, surprise them! No need for an elaborate gift. Imagine receiving your order from a supplier and finding a little something in the box. This little something will make you smile and the next time you think to order, where do you go?