10 Highly Nutritious Teenagers’ Food Items to Make Their Diet Healthy as Well as Tasty

Teen age is the time of grown-up. Teenagers like to eat unhealthy street food. But these unhealthy habits increase the risk of diseases and obesity. Teen age period is the time of a person’s physical and mental growth. But due to hormonal changes, they like to eat the food they like even if they that it is unhealthy.

So, parents must take care that their teenager kids must take a nutritious diet that would make them healthy and become internal strong.

Teenagers should eat the following given food items that are enriched with taste and are healthy too.

  • Protein-rich Food

Proteins are important for a person to grow physically as well as mentally. So teenagers must take protein rich diet including eggs, chicken and beef. And if you are vegetarian, then there are alternatives for you i.e. milk, cheese, yogurt and oats.

  • Calcium is important

Calcium is too important to grow as that of proteins. Calcium helps in strengthen teeth and bones. Calcium can be consumed from buttermilk, leafy vegetables such as cabbage, tofu, and fish. Make your teenager children physically fit with calcium-rich food items.

  • Nuts & Cashews

Who don’t like nuts and cashews? Of course, we all love to eat. And the good news is that these are also good for health. Not only teenagers, everyone must include cashews and nuts in their routine.Teenagers should have almonds as it provides and removes the deficiency of memory loss problems.

  • Citrus for Immunity

Citrus items include lemon, orange, grapefruit and more. You can take them in form of juice or eat them with fruit salad. These foods include vitamin C that helps in increasing body immunity. Moreover, these foods are a source of flavoring.

  • Stay Fit with Green Vegetables

Green vegetables, we all know, are a good source to improve and grow healthy. Green vegetable not only make you stay fit but it makes to look good externally also. Green vegetables include broccoli, spinach, turnip greens, kale, lettuce and more. You can eat them by cooking or even take them raw.

  • Pulses & Lentils

Pulses are lentils are cheap foods including beans and peas. These are a great source of fiber, protein, minerals, and also vitamins. Doctors suggest taking pulses and lentils each day to remove internal deficiencies. You can cook pulses or get it in roasted form.

  • Raisin for sweetness

Raisins are delicious and sweet. A raisin is made by drying grapes. It is a great source of glucose, fiber and protein. These can be eaten raw or can be bake, cook or brew. They do not contain any cholesterol.

  • Make Fruits your friend

Fruits are rich in calories and contain low fat or sodium. You did not gain cholesterol on eating fruits. Fruits help in controlling blood pressure, repair body tissues and remove other problems. It reduces disease of heart, diabetes, and obesity. So including fruits in diet always proves good for health.

  • Peanut Butter for Calories

Peanut butter is highly enriched with fat and calories. And most of the people do not take peanut butter due to the risk of increasing fat. But the fact is that peanut butter contains unsaturated fat and it provides only the calories and not fat.

  • Tomato Soup is always Helpful

Teenagers feel little hungry in the evening or between breakfast and lunchtime. Then they prefer oily and fried snacks to remove hunger. Here, tomato soup is the best alternative for that. Along with taste, it is a source of vitamins C & K. It helps in improving blood circulation and improves mental health.Along with all the above food items, it is important to take enough amount of water that helps teenagers keeping dehydrated. So, make your teenager kids eat healthy with delicious and nutritious food items.