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10 Great Benefits of Having Long Blog Posts

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benefits-of-long-postsEach fresh blog post is a new page on your website but it is generally written by the owner of the website and if you need to see an instance of a blog post, you’re looking one. In this article I will tell you about some of the benefits of having a long post on your website.
There are many benefits to publish a long blog post and it creates an explosion of imagination and creativeness that opens up doors for unseen professionals worldwide. You’ll only obtain these benefits if you keep your blog updated. The main 10 benefits are described below.

#1. It keeps your site fresh

When visitors land on your site and see a post that has been made in details, it shows them that this is a regularly maintained and updated site to get useful information. This creates to your online credibility.

#2. Become an specialist

When you provide recommendation through your long blog posts it increases your profile as a specialist in your field. And especially, it increases the trust of people on you.

#3. You Learn a lot

Remember that when you need to write something then you will have to read as well. You can write long blog posts and in doing so you learn a lot. The great novelist Stephen King greatly said “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

#4. Unique content for the SEO

Each time you post a new blog post of a long length then it helps to increase your search engine rankings. Because search engines needs more words from your side to be indexed in their servers, don’t worry they have still a lot of space free for you. You need to write more, they will index more and show more to the users.

#5. Sell your products or services

You can write long blog posts smartly and you can use them to sell your products or services in easily and flexibly. You can write long blog posts to offer a free bit of opinion about products or services you are offering. This way, you’ll get more chances to describe more products & services to your visitors.

#6. Send less emails

You can write long blog posts to make the reference points for people you are emailing regularly. If you got something that you send through email to different people regularly then you can save a lot of time by posting a long blog post about it and in future you can simply email people a link to the blog.

#7. It Helps in becoming a researcher

You will write long blog posts and in doing so, you will find and obtain the best methods to search resources and information for your blog. You will recognize worldwide experts, bloggers, resources that will offer the information and insights you need to present to your readers.

#8. Helps in becoming a better writer

Only the ability of sitting down and writing long blog posts will improve your writing skills. Remember that planning and thinking doesn’t do it. Doing and action does. So having long posts written by you will definitely make you a great writer sooner or later.

#9. Get visible

Mostly people find information online today, so writing long blog posts helps you to become a visible expert and you get exposed in front of blogging world.

#10. Improve your memory

The brain exercises through learning and writing. When you write long blog posts, the mind stimulates and activates which is so helpful for your overall fitness of body. Blogging activities provide mental gymnastics. So keep writing and learning long blog posts because it will greatly help you brain and mind as well.
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What do you think of this post? did you learn something about the advantages of writing long posts, if so then tell us your experience in the comment section, we’ll further assist you if you need more help. 🙂

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  • Simply, Great article. Thank You.

  • nice post
    i strongly belive on #3 If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. and also #10 Improve your memory
    thanks bro for sharing these benefits of long post. may many people’s learn lot of ideas from it
    thanks again.

  • Wali Bro i have read your full post, its indeed a very helpful for bloggers,

    Wali bro i have a problem my sites traffic is downing day and day whats the problem, we have learned so many things from Online ustaad and MBT, thats why it will be my first priority to ask from them. So actually i was receiving 800+ unique visitors but now it decreases day and day its now comes upto 450 unique…i do not know whats the problem and my posts are also visible in search engine results. But i am losing organic traffic. So what is the Issue..one thing more i have never keyword stuffing, Yes i have total of 85 posts which most 50 posts title are similar to others blogs posts not contents etc,,So please guide me or visit my blog for giving me some suggestion…

    Yes my latest post (premium template) is quite keep keywords that i have done for traffic but you may check my all new and old posts. So i am continuously losing traffic and also look my alexa stats. hope to get earlier reply..


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