How to SEO Optimize Blogger Comments?

Blogger CommentIn my previous tutorial on BBC (BestBloggerCafe) I tutored about optimizing blogger labels and thus, in this tutorial I’ll address optimizing blogger comments. Comments are very important for a blog because they are crawled by search engines. So if a blog is having a lot of comments from the visitors then it is a very good thing. Google and other search engines give importance to the websites or blogs which’s posts are commented the most. This shows the popularity and usefulness of a blog. But when people leave bad links in their comments, this becomes a headache for the blogger as well as for search engines. Bad links in comments can destroy your blog and SEO. In general, we keep comments links as nofollow. And nofollow means, we instruct the search engine’s crawler to not crawl the link inside comments, but crawl only the content of the comment. [Continue reading]

How to SEO Optimize Blogger Labels Links?

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Hi guys, do you know what are blogger labels?, Blogger labels are those links which we add when we create a new post. We can add many labels to a single post. These labels are basically tags, but in Blogger by default they are called labels. When you click on a label link, that opens with all posts in that. In WordPress they are called tags. These labels are used for better user navigation, because if a visitor is visiting your blog for a specific post/page so he/she may be interested in more posts on your blog. Therefore having labels at sidebar is good idea. But the problem is, when search engines’ robots crawl your blog, they need only one URL for each page of your blog for crawling and indexing. By default they crawl every page and links including labels. So this makes a little bit confusion for robots. Because your single post get accessible through different addresses i.e Archives, labels and the actual URL of the post.  [Continue reading]

How to Add a Simple Facebook Like Box in Blogger?

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks where people share everything in their free time. So it has become very important for bloggers and SEO’s. You know if you have a decent amount of Facebook likes for your blog or website then … [Continue reading]

Cute Flying Bird Twitter Widget for Blogger


 As you know guys blogger blogs look really cool when you add some beautiful widget to it. Specially social media widgets are now liked by everyone. They make a difference in blog design. And blogger blogs are entirely easy to customize. You can add … [Continue reading]

Learn Basic HTML Tags with Examples


HTML is a hyper text mark up language which is used to create web pages. Mostly HTML is used to display the basic structure of a website on the web browser. This is very basic language for web designing. All other web languages are embedded into … [Continue reading]

How to Increase Alexa Ranking in Very Less Time?


The is a web information company that collects the traffic data of all websites existing on the internet. The main focus of Alexa on the sites is: content, traffic, links etc. Alexa determine usually a traffic rank for each and every … [Continue reading]

How to Earn Money online by Selling Products?


The internet is without any doubt becoming the business hub same as offline business. The world, where we living today is much advance and bolder than old days. The internet provides you opportunities for living happy life on the earth. Internet … [Continue reading]

Customize Popular Posts Widget in Blogger with CSS


Blogger's blogs each element is customize-able with CSS and JavaScript. There are many widgets in Blogger that you might want to customize or make them looking more beautiful. And one of theme is Popular posts widget in Blogger. So our today's trick … [Continue reading]

How to Hide Blogger Navbar with CSS3


Blogger navbar [navigation bar] appears at the top of the page in most cases in default blogger templates. If you want this to disappear then you can do it easily by adding a peice of code to your blog's HTML section. When you create a new blog with … [Continue reading]

How to Change Time to Date in Blogger Custom Template?

blogger time to date is a platform built in XML. While you can also use CSS, HTML and JavaScript in it massively. The blogger default templates are easy to navigate and to customize. But the problems and issues arise mostly in custom templates which are … [Continue reading]