Complete Website & CMS with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL

Hi PHP lovers, here is a great news for all of you, I've just completed the Advance Website & CMS project along with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL which is having many applications and features such as a commenting system for the website in PHP, a custom search engine for the same website in PHP, dynamic images on the website, read more links, Recent Posts widget, Post Editor for updating the website, Advance & Secure Admin Panel for multiple admins, Login systems, logout systems and many things more. I've created more than 30 video tutorials for this project, and all you'll learn it by watching my video tutorials. Also I've uploaded this project to a live running website, and that's taught in the tutorials in last. This project is something I was really hard working on, because I know there are many guys who want to learn PHP with some projects which are easily explained. [Continue reading]

How to Upload Files to Web Server in PHP?

uploading files in PHP
PHP is a server side scripting language and mostly used for creating dynamic web pages. The live examples of PHP are:,, and many other websites. PHP is an open source free of cost web language which is used by millions of web developers now a days. It simplify your online web projects and applications and adds beauty to them. I'm myself a lover of PHP and studying it for couple of months. I am also interested to teach PHP on this blog by making video tutorials and text-based tutorials for all those who want to learn practical usage of PHP. So today, I have a tutorial for you in which we'll be discussing how to upload files to web server via PHP. [Continue reading]

A Basic guide to Forex Trading: What is Forex Trading

forextrading guide

If you want to become a successful forex trader it requires a lot of hard work. There is no need to risk a single cent until you understand how actually the market works and you should be aware of basic tactics to minimize your risks. You need to … [Continue reading]

5 Beautiful Free Blogger Templates For Blogspot


When you create a blog with then it becomes a headache to find a beautiful and flexible template for your blog. You search on Google for free blogger templates or best blogger templates or something similar to it, but whenever you find a … [Continue reading]

How to SEO Optimize Archive Links in Blogger?


As we've been talking about blogger SEO in deep. I previously published two different posts covering how to optimize blogger label links and how to optimize blogger's comments?. And Thus, I've come up today with another similar post and this is about … [Continue reading]

How to Change The Background Color in Blogger?


As you might know each and every blog has a different background color and most of the templates do have backgrounds. Some designers set an image as a background, while you'll find a lot of templates only with background colors. In blogger, if you're … [Continue reading]

How to add CSS3 Drop Down Menu in Blogger blog?


Drop Down menu is the beauty in a blog's design. It looks pretty much cool when someone hovers the mouse and the list opens. These menus hold all the links inside the parent menu. There are two kind of links used in drop down menus, the one is parent … [Continue reading]

How to SEO Optimize Blogger Comments?

Blogger Comment

In my previous tutorial on BBC (BestBloggerCafe) I tutored about optimizing blogger labels and thus, in this tutorial I'll address optimizing blogger comments. Comments are very important for a blog because they are crawled by search engines. So if a … [Continue reading]

How to SEO Optimize Blogger Labels Links?

Hi guys, do you know what are blogger labels?, Blogger labels are those links which we add when we create a new post. We can add many labels to a single post. These labels are basically tags, but in Blogger by default they are called labels. When you … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Simple Facebook Like Box in Blogger?

facebook-like-box (1)

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks where people share everything in their free time. So it has become very important for bloggers and SEO’s. You know if you have a decent amount of Facebook likes for your blog or website then … [Continue reading]